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Hello from the Author!

I grew up thinking I had an undiagnosed mental illness only to find out in college I had Asperger’s Syndrome aka high-functioning autism. Which is why I’m drawn to writing protagonists who are outsiders. I’ve held a variety of jobs from non-profit work, to food service, to pet-sitting but keep getting drawn back into writing because I don’t know any better. I perpetually have my nose stuck in a book and the local library is my second home. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a very possessive cat named Smoky.

My Books

Death at the Bayard Lodge

When district nurse Mary Grey and her lover Harriet accept an invitation to visit the latter’s godmother in the beautiful Lake District, they’re hoping for a relaxing outing. But from the very start, they find themselves pulled into a web of intrigue, resentments, deceit, and violent passions.

Young newlywed Rachel Florry is found on the lawn with her skull smashed in and there’s no shortage of suspects. From the girl whose fiancée Rachel stole, to a sinister vagrant, to Rachel’s own mystery lover.

Mary calls on her old friend and partner, private detective Franz Shaefer to come down to Bayard Lodge and help solve the case. But as they unearth buried secrets and hidden agendas, they themselves are at risk.

The Illhenny Murders

District Nurse Mary Grey saves the life of young architect, Anthony West, when he is involved a car wreck, only for West to tell her it was no accident. Someone tried to kill him. Mary is skeptical at first, but when West dies, she’s determined to investigate the matter. More blood is spilled, and Mary becomes embroiled in a tangled web of intrigue and murder as she joins forces with exiled Jewish German detective Franz Shaefer. And on top of everything else, Mary finds herself dangerously attracted to Anthony’s beautiful and unattainable sister Harriet.

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